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Headteacher Madam Lydia Nabuwembo with the chairman Board of directors Mr. Susane Ddamba


Directors speach

"We aim at Offering
Quality education that produces responsible,God fearing, highly sought for and competitive innovative citizens"


"Build the nation through education but focus on the girl child and disadvantaged, identify and develop students' talents"









                                OUR OBJECTIVES

To provide education at affordable charges
To maintain a strong highly motivated and committed teamwork in a conducive environment
To empower the girl child and disadvantaged ones at subsidized fee
To develop students talents by encouraging co- circular activities
To produce moral uplight and disciplined students
To impart knowledge and skills into students
To make them self-reliant To extend any other services proven suitable for the community


                               OUR CORE VALUES

We believe that success is achieved as a team. Together we are serving the same purpose and are working towards the same goal. Therefore, we encourage each individual’s maximum co-operation in order to achieve this goal.

We put the needs of the learners first. We respect their time and support their efforts to excel. We give every child the opportunity to achieve his full potential regardless of gender, race or religion.

We do not discriminate against tribe, race, colour, origin or religion. We serve all children alike and prepare them for the responsibilities of adult life.

We are called to train and equip the children by laying a firm foundation for their long-term educational future. We emphasize zeal and hard work as the keys to success as opposed to cheating one’s way to success.

We strive to develop the child intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We promote honesty, integrity and love for one’s neighbour.

We promote harmony between home, school and the broader community in which we live.We believe in change for development, so we are open and flexible to new ideas.