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Welfare department

For the general wellbeing of employees and students
Academic department
Headed by the DOS he ensures students academic performances both internal and external and National level exams which are done every end of the course by senior four students and senior six
Ensures teachers performance, syllabi coverage, for all classes
Team work by teachers
Continuous assessment inform of morning/ evening tests and some times weekly more so to candidates and semi candidates
Practicals  are all classes
Practical equipments are bought by the director finance
Admission of new entrants those who quality and those who don’t
Checking teachers schemes and records of work
Handles parents/students academic issues and complaints
Parents follow up
It licenses with parents, parents meeting especially for candidates


                               Sports Department
Inter house competition
Inter classes
Teachers Vs Students matches
External visits
Headed by deputy met, matron, warden and some other teachers..


                              School Objectives

Our school Objectives stands but not limited to Read more

                              School Programme

Our Curriculum is based on Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE). The college offers both Arts and Sciences and its entilled too but not limited fulfilling the Year/Temly Programme Read more